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inf_mama's Journal

Parenting After Struggles with Infertility & Loss
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This is a community for women who are mothers after struggling with primary infertility, assisted reproduction and/or the loss of a pregnancy or child.


~ This community is intended as a supportive, non-judgmental forum for discussing general parenting concerns, exploring how difficulties in conceiving/sustaining a pregnancy have influenced your experience as a parent, for talking about your feelings about (potentially) conceiving/adopting a sibling for your child(ren), for considering what completion of your family would look like and just for sharing the joys, difficulties and milestones of parenthood among those who haven't taken their ability to have a child for granted.

~ This is an appropriate forum to discuss feelings about trying to conceive or adopt a sibling for your child(ren). However, as this may be a painful topic for those who may not be able to do so, please place any subsequent pregnancy announcements, pregnancy talk or birth announcements behind a cut. Please note that the community's focus is not on cycle/pregnancy discussion.

~ If you have more than one child or plan to pursue further treatments or adoption, please maintain sensitivity toward those community members who may be physically unable to have another child and/or may not have the resources to expand their families, as much as they might wish to do so.

~ Please refrain from debating or passing judgment on controversial issues (e.g., breast versus bottle feeding, circumcision, parenting styles, sleep training). This community is intended as a safe, supportive space.

~ Women who are trying to conceive their first child are welcome to lurk here and to learn from and support the mamas in the community. However, this is not the place for women who are still TTC#1 to post or ask questions about medical conditions, infertility treatments, cycling, pregnancy or childbirth.

Member Approval:

Due to the sensitive nature of this community, all members must be approved before posting. Please send an email to iswari (iswari at livejournal dot com) with the following information (which will be used for screening purposes only):

~ LJ user name
~ Brief summary of infertility/loss history, treatment and outcome
~ Brief thoughts about how you feel infertility/loss has impacted you
~ What you hope to gain from and contribute to the community

Once you've been approved, please do introduce yourself!